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Spring/ Summer  2018

The Winter of 2017 is winding down with February and March much snowier than the beginning of the season. Thank you to everyone who made our Winter operations more efficient by moving parked cars from the road and the myriad of little things that make our jobs easier.

The Wheatland Township Road District has a long list of projects scheduled for this year. Once again, we will concentrate on ditch repair and the installation of underground storm sewers where needed. Our project areas will be in Andermann Acres, Wheatland South, North Wheatland View and Wheatland Plains. If you are having a drainage issue and have not contacted our office please do so. This will allow us to assess and then schedule work in your area. The completion of these projects would not be possible without the help and assistance from the residents. Thank you!

We have five brush pickups scheduled for the year. The starting dates are April 9th, May 7th, June 11th, September 10th and October 8th. The order of each pickup usually starts on the 103rd street corridor and then works North to South.

We are also upgrading the street signs in Wheatland South, Rolling Acres and Rivercrest Estates to meet the standards set by the MUTCD. The signs are larger making them easier to read and they have a higher reflective rating.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supported the Single Source Garbage Referendum. This has been an important issue for me since taking office. The wear and tear on our roads will be greatly reduced due to the decreased traffic from the large garbage trucks that were running 4-5 days of the week. Environmental Disposal has offered the Unincorporated residents a great rate plan for the next five years along with a very high level of service.

Please contact us at 630-717-0092 extension 3, with any issues you have.

Thank you,

Bill Alstrom

Highway Commissioner







Bill Alstrom

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Phone: (630) 717-0092
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