Brush Pickup

The Road District Brush Removal Program is for the sole use of residents in unincorporated Wheatland Township and is not to be used by contractors or landscapers. It is for the disposal of trimmed or pruned branches only. Cutting a tree down is not considered trimming or pruning.

Our equipment is not designed to grind small twigs. If it is small enough to be placed in a bag, it is considered yard waste and will not be picked up by the Road District. Call Environmental 1-815-725-4555 for disposal of yard waste, branches or leaves.


Place brush at curbside by 7:00 AM on the Monday of the designated Pick-up week. Do not place material earlier than the Saturday before the scheduled pick up. To service the entire unincorporated areas often takes three to seven working days. Your brush may not be picked up until later in the week. The Road District will make only one pass through your neighborhood.

April 1st-5th, 2024
April 29th-May 3rd, 2024
September 2nd-6th, 2024
September 30th-October 4, 2024

Christmas Tree Pick-Up:
January 6th, 2025

There will NOT be a scheduled brush pick-up in June or July 

What is Acceptable:

Long limbs up to 10″ diameter, branches, vines.


Lay as neatly as possible with CUT ends toward the street and parallel to each other. Do not cut into short pieces. Long branches work best. Keep stacking to a minimum. Spread out the stack across your parkway. This will allow light and other elements to reach your grass and prevent the grass from dying. Anything over 10″ in diameter will not be removed.

What is NOT Accepted:

Tied bundles, short snips, clippings, roots (they can hide stones), bags, or cans full of clippings and rakings. Unacceptable piles will be tagged with a letter of explanation. Please do not “hide” thorny tree branches (such as Olive or Hawthorne trees) inside piles. Place these next to larger piles and our men will take them. They need special care. If mishandled they can cause injury.

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