A Brief History of our Township

Wheatland Township is a six-by-six square mile area that was established in 1849.  As it predates all other forms of government, it is located in Will County, IL and encompasses portions of The City of Naperville, Village of Plainfield, City of Aurora, Village of Bolingbrook and City of Romeoville.  Its boundaries are loosely, Northern Border: southside of 87th Street, Naperville; Eastern Border: westside of Kings Rd, Bolingbrook; Southern Border: northside of 135th Street, Plainfield and Western Border:  eastside of Heggs Rd, Plainfield.

The primary purpose of Wheatland Township is to serve as the local representative government for the unincorporated areas of the above municipalities.  Per state statute, this MUST include assessor services, road and drainage maintenance and general assistance services.  Wheatland Township has two distinct divisions of government: the township and the road district.   

The Township Administration includes the Department of Assessor Services, the Wheatland Township Cemetery and the Wheatland Township Park.  The Township Board includes an elected Supervisor and four Trustees to govern township operations.  Other elected officials include: Assessor, who oversees the Assessor Services, Clerk, who serves as the recorder and Will County liaison and Tax Collector, who oversees Cemetery operations.  The Cemetery, in accordance with State Law, has its own board that reports directly to the Supervisor.  

The Road District is governed by an elected Road Commissioner who coordinates all things relative to road and drainage projects.  The township Supervisor serves as the Chief Financial Officer of the Road District.

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