Energy Aggregation

In April 2013, Township residents approved a referendum to allow for Wheatland Township to enter into energy aggregation agreements for unincorporated residential and small commercial retail customers.

Aggregation allows for combining the buying power of its residents to be more effective in negotiating rates than an individual customer.

can opt-out at any time to return to ComEd or switch to another supplier with no penalties or early exit fees.

MC Squared Energy Services

In October 2022, the Wheatland Township Board of Trustees selected MC Squared Energy Services as the energy supplier for unincorporated residents.

MC Squared Energy Services contract runs through January 2025.

Service Provider
MC Squared Energy Services
ComEd (As of 10/06/2022)


To see if MC Squared Energy Services is still cheaper than the ComEd Price to Compare, please visit:

Signed Master Power Supply Agreement
Energy Services Summary and Recommendation

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