It is this elected board’s commitment to honest, respectable, and transparent governance for the people of this Wheatland Township. Each elected official has been assigned a specific area based on expertise and experience to manage, which includes but is not limited to understanding the cost of each line item in the township and how to reduce it for the taxpayers. By effectively managing each item individually it has reduced the burden on taxpayers, it is our hope that our diligent review of spending, transparency, and stewardship to the taxpayer will spread to other government entities within our great state. It is this board’s solemn oath to uphold good governance for the people of Wheatland Township, and we will do everything in our power to be transparent, honest, and hardworking for those who trusted us as their elected officials. 

Recipient of the Sunshine Award

The Wheatland township has earned the Illinois Policy Institute Sunshine Award. The township is the third in the state to earn this award and one of only two with a perfect score. To find out more about the Illinois Policy Institute or the Sunshine Award, click here!

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