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Spring/Summer 2019

 Spring is here – finally! With the excessive snow, freezing rain and ice storms this has been a very long winter for all of us. It seemed as if our crews were constantly out, plowing, salting or responding to winter emergencies. I'm very proud of the job they did. Not one crew member missed a day or was even late and the results were obvious. In every winter storm event this township's roads were cleared fast and this did not go unnoticed by you. Our crews are very grateful for the phone calls, emails and texts we received or the times they were stopped and personally thanked or offered coffee. Those small gestures really buoyed their spirits when it seemed there was no end in sight. To those of you who took the time, thank you – it was appreciated and will be remembered. Now as to spring – once again, we will concentrate our resources on drainage improvements in the residential and commercial subdivisions. In the last few years we have installed over five miles of underground drainage systems and structures to reduce or eliminate sitting storm water. Our long-term goal is to install underground systems in every area that has stormwater runoff that does not dissipate within 24-48 hours. We are one of only a few Road Districts in the state that install these systems in-house, allowing for a better use of taxpayer dollars. If you have drainage issues that need to be addressed, please call us and we’ll schedule an assessment of the area. Our sidewalk and curb replacement program will take place again this year. If you see safety issues in your area that we have not addressed or inspected, please give us a call. As part of this program we will also be fixing stormwater inlets in the road right-of-way and making crosswalks ADA compliant. We will be upgrading street signs in the Wolf Creek Industrial Park, Sunny Farm Acres and the Whispering Lakes subdivision to bring them into compliance with MUTCD guidelines. We are in the planning stages for road improvements consisting of asphalt patching, crack sealing and the application of Reclamite in the North Wheatland View area. Reclamite is a sealer that prolongs the life of asphalt and enhances the use of chlorides during winter operations. As development occurs in the incorporated areas of the Township, traffic and safety are always issues. The Road District, will work with neighboring municipalities to keep the quality of life and promote responsible new development. My commitment to you as Highway Commissioner is to maintain the highest standards for you and  your family.


Thank you,

Bill Alstrom

Highway Commissioner



Bill Alstrom

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Phone: (630) 717-0092
Fax: (630) 717 0094